I now have all the tools I need to help myself and others

Heather’s an amazing healer. Her classes and personal healing sessions have taught me to take care of myself before I can care for others. She has helped me deal with difficult times and helped me realize that everything happens for a reason.  Thanks to her, my toolbox is filled with all the tools I need to help others and myself.

Looking forward to my next classes and sessions with you!

Ana H. – Office Manager

With guidance and compassion, Heather gives you the tools you need to heal your life.

I met Heather 5 years ago and as my teacher of Reiki has changed my life in ways that I never imagine it was possible.

Heather’s treatments are done in a safe compassionate space that gives you the support to find yourself and start your healing journey. She has done sessions for family in Mexico, Halifax and many other friends in Ottawa.

Heather and her Reiki teachings have supported my family by guiding us and giving us the tools to cope with day to day life. She teaches personal empowerment to step into your dreams and step out of your fears. She does not fix your problems or reads your future. With guidance, compassion and support she gives you the tools for you to heal yourself and take responsibility of your actions and your life.

The past few years we have gone through grief in family, job losses, losing and finding a home, sickness and trials that happen in everyone’s life. We are so grateful to have met Heather. She has been our light when we could not see, our support when we felt alone, our teacher of positive outcomes and has been a role model to so many others like myself.

With so much love and Thanks!

The Bravo Family

After my healing I felt clarity like never before

I’m a construction worker who spends endless hours in a piece of machinery with several stressors that accompany my job. My wife kept talking about Reiki and her experiences, and I wanted to experience it as well.

I went for my first Reiki treatment and felt clarity afterwards like never before. I am even recommending Heather to my other co-workers.

Jim – Construction

The peace that I feel after each session is unbelievable

Long before I knew what Reiki was, I read: You don’t need to find Reiki, It will find you. My journey began when I contacted Heather, and life as I knew it would never be the same. The peace that I feel after each session is unbelievable.

After completing both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki I can only say that this amazing experience has without question opened doors I never dreamed possible. I am enjoying my journey of self healing more than I imagined I could with the help of the tools I have learned from this competent and insightful teacher.

Thank you Heather for your guidance and support.

Wendy – Student