About Me

Heather is a certified 21st Degree Reiki Grand Master and Shamanic Practitioner based in Almonte, Ontario. Heather provides healing for a wide range of people. Her experience spans all ages and genders: from bringing babies into the world to treating the elderly. She currently works with the Women’s Group at the Mill of Kintail; leading a Women’s Journey there with an emphasis on mindfulness.

Personal empowerment has always been the focus of Heather’s endeavours for all ages, groups and communities. Heather’s background in developmental disabilities, mental health, counselling, facilitating, teaching, daycare and VON support has provided her extensive insight into the human condition.

Believing that education is a lifetime commitment, Heather continues her own personal development by continuing to enrol in professional development programs. The knowledge gained in these courses is interpreted and incorporated into Heather’s constantly evolving treatments to benefit her clients. Heather also offers Reiki teaching for groups or individuals. Her teaching is all about empowerment.

* Heather does not provide medical or psychological advice. *